In Spain, I-COM appoints Tristan Elosegui Figueroa as Vice Chair for Spain

Tristan Elosegui Figueroa.jpeg

Tristan Elosegui Figueroa is the founder of Matridiana, a consulting firm specialized in digital marketing strategy.

With 20 years of experience in digital marketing, Tristan has a profound knowledge of the digital business in Spain, Europe, and Latin America.

Among others, he worked for a digital newspaper during the burst of the digital bubble, in a digital bank and in a multinational consulting firm where he led digital strategy for South Europe and Latin America.

Tristan co-founded a digital analytics consulting company and a digital marketing school and was named one of the 15 most influential marketers on digital marketing in Spain.

He’s an international speaker and teacher since 2010 and is about to launch his fourth book about digital marketing strategy in 2019.

His personal blog on digital marketing has been awarded every year since it was launched (2009 to 2018). Find out more here. More…