In the US, Stefano Vegnaduzzo of Integral Ad Science Joins I-COM Data Storytelling Council


I-COM is pleased to announce that Stefano Vegnaduzzo [pictured], Senior Vice President, Data Science of Integral Ad Science in the US, is joining the I-COM Data Storytelling Council.

In his current position at Integral Ad Science, Stefano oversees all global data products for brand safety, fraud detection, viewability, and incremental analytics that give global brands meaningful insights into the quality of their advertising campaigns.

His expertise includes natural language processing, information retrieval, conversational agents, and advertising technology. He has built his career on the ability to strike the right balance between strategic and operational data science and successfully integrating pragmatic AI/ML solutions into enterprise systems. He is equally focused on delivering business outcomes and on building the foundation of trust, collaboration and executive support that enable the success of AI/ML deployments.

Stefano holds a Ph.D. from the University of California, Los Angeles. More…