In UAE, Youmna Borghol of Choueiri Group Joins I-COM Data Creativity Awards Jury

Youmna pic.jpg

I-COM is pleased to announce that Youmna Borghol [pictured], the Head of Data of Choueiri Group in UAE, is joining the I-COM Data Creativity Awards Jury.

Youmna Borghol is a passionate media, data, advertising, and technology executive with balance of strategic thinking and leadership and with operational experience across the advertising industry. She has over 10 years of business experience with a solid background in data and marketing analytics and a PhD in social media analytics.

Youmna started her career at National ICT Australia as a Data Scientist specialising in data, analytics and predictive models for social media. She then moved to Mediacom Australia as the Director of Business Science, focusing on data-driven marketing and communications strategies to solve real business objectives for advertisers. In present, she heads the Data department at Choueiri Group where she oversees all aspects of the data team and data-related product solutions on both the buy and sell sides. More...