In UK, Ashwin Desikan of Annalect Joins
I-COM Data Science Board

I-COM is pleased to announce that Ashwin Desikan [pictured], Director, Marketing Science of Annalect EMEA in the UK, is joining the I-COM Data Science Board. 

Ashwin Desikan is a multidisciplinary data evangelist with more than 15 years of experience in data analysis and a published record of technical expertise. Ashwin has a driving passion for the application of data when solving complex media, scientific, and governmental challenges.

His love for data and data science has allowed him the privilege of working in a variety of data-driven roles on two continents. He’s currently working as Director, Marketing Science for Annalect EMEA. Prior to this, Ashwin was a Business Intelligence Director and a Product Manager at a several adtech startups (Adform, The Exchange Lab and VisualDNA) focused on data strategy. 

Previously, he has worked as a bioinformatics scientist at Illumina, developing and analysing the company's key secondary sequencing analysis software packages in both the US and the UK.  Ashwin received his MA in Computational Biology at Washington University in St. Louis, and received his BSC from the University of Pennsylvania in Bioengineering/Mathematics. More…