In UK, Elspeth Ritchie of Unilever Joins I-COM Data Science Hackathon 2018 Board

Elspeth Ritchie.jpg

I-COM is pleased to announce that Elspeth Ritchie [pictured], Innovation Analyst of Unilever in the UK, is joining the I-COM Data Science Hackathon 2018 Board.

Her role as Innovation Analyst within Unilever’s People Data Centre is split between evaluating new capabilities and internal builds to support the work of market - and category - facing PDCs.

The PDC is an internal research group integrating a wide variety of data to answer market and brand questions: social, search, sales, survey, CRM, clickstream, brand equity measures, call lines, and more. Established in 2014, the PDC has grown rapidly and demonstrated the ability to act like a start-up within one of the world’s largest consumer goods providers.

Before joining the PDC, Elspeth was completing her doctoral thesis in Biopharmaceutical Process Development with Newcastle University, following a MEng in Chemical Engineering with Pharmaceutical Chemistry.

She also holds a typical millennial resume including video games journalism, a technology editorship, and being a founding co-editor-in-chief of Newcastle University STEM magazine {react}. More...