In UK, Shardul Wartikar of Mindshare Worldwide Joins I-COM Attribution Board

Shardul Wartikar.jpg

I-COM is pleased to announce that Shardul Wartikar [pictured], Partner in Mindshare’s Worldwide Business Planning in UK, is joining the I-COM Attribution Board.

In Mindshare, his role is to provide marketing planning (strategy and investment) consultancy, driven by research and analytics, to clients. Shardul is also assisting with the data integration and digital analytics initiatives within Mindshare to enable performance marketing teams take smarter decisions.

After completing an MBA in Marketing, he spent 9 years in marketing research, specialising in advertising research and brand equity measurement and tracking. He then moved into the broader world of business planning and have been with Mindshare for 10 years.

Shardul's work experience spans diverse industries and includes clients like Aflac, Cathay Pacific, De Beers, Diageo, Ferrero, GSK, Heineken, Intel, Kodak, LG, Nestle, Pfizer, Unilever & Volvo across the developing and developed markets of Asia Pacific and Europe. More...