In US, Blueshift Launches Personalization Studio

SAN FRANCISCO, June 7, 2016 — Blueshift, the leader in Segment-of-One B2C marketing automation, today announced the launch of Blueshift Personalization Studio, a patent pending solution that enables marketers to configure multiple forms of hyper-personalized recommendations based on real-time user interactions, and to easily attach these recommendations to creative templates for multi-channel marketing campaigns.

With the Blueshift Personalization Studio, marketers can now incorporate hyper-personalized recommendations on an individual customer level into large-scale marketing campaigns across all channels, without the need to involve IT or internal data scientists. Personalization Studio is built using patent pending technology that enables marketers to create recommendations based on real-time streams of user interactions from websites, mobile applications, and physical store locations.

“With a team that comes from some of the largest consumer marketing companies in the world, we understand firsthand how challenging it is for marketers to deliver a highly personalized experience across all marketing channels,” said Blueshift’s co-founder & CEO, Vijay Chittoor [pictured]. “I am excited that our new Personalization Studio solution now enables B2C marketers to implement their own customized forms of predictive content, something that in the past would have needed extensive effort from internal data scientists and IT staff to both develop and maintain.”