In US, Datorama Genius Introduces AI-powered Insights to Make Marketers Smarter Across All Their Data

All-new, automated insights power marketing optimization for professionals across all their marketing data for the first time
NEW YORK – May 23, 2017Datorama, a global marketing intelligence company, today announced the launch of Datorama Genius. This is the first artificial intelligence (AI) capability designed to help marketers automate insights across all their marketing data, and move from reliance upon dashboards and reporting to acting on tangible optimization paths that are recommended via Genius. As an all-new competency added to the Datorama product portfolio, it is the third component within the Marketing Integration Engine to leverage marketing-specific, AI technology to further empower and enable marketers to make smarter decisions across all of their channels, platforms and campaigns.

In the always-on world of today’s connected consumer, critical data that details the customer journey and their interactions between businesses (e.g., reach, engagement, conversion, sales, etc.) streams into a myriad of point solutions managed by today’s marketing organization. According to a Datorama survey, within one year of implementing the Datorama platform, the typical customer integrates an average of 70 data streams to unify their marketing data. From better understanding a business’ next customer opportunity to optimizing cross-channel campaign performances, marketers need to make sense of millions of rows of data from a plethora of source systems to drive predictable, repeatable performance and growth. 
With the release of Datorama Genius, marketers can go beyond the limited set of questions today’s professionals are able to raise from within dashboards and reports. Now marketers can analyze all of their marketing data in an automated fashion and produce an ongoing, predictable pipeline of insights to guide their decisions. This way they can improve every strategic and operational key performance indicator (KPI) within the marketing organization. Enabled with an all-new level of scale in smarter decision making, which is always on, marketers can now go beyond reporting on data to seeing insights and optimization paths that impact their business — all within a format that’s automatically visualized, easy to read and shareable. Download Full Press Release