In US, Joy Liuzzo of Radius Global Market Research Joins I-COM Data Startup Challenge Board

I-COM is pleased to announce that Joy Liuzzo [pictured], the Vice President of Radius Global Market Research in the US, is joining I-COM Data Startup Challenge Board.

Joy is a polymath with an eclectic 16-year career in research, analytics, marketing, product management, and sales. Having earned her stripes on both the client-side and vendor-side of multiple tech companies, she excels at thinking creatively and diving deep to find answers.

Joy built an expertise in mobile, new product, advertising effectiveness, and brand research through her work at Amazon, InsightExpress (now Millward Brown Digital), AOL, and MCI. Her clients included CPG, consumer electronics, finance, consumer healthcare, technology, and service companies. She’s especially proficient in addressing the research needs of start-ups and fast-moving technology firms. More...