In US, Kantar Media Announces Major Expansion of Cross-Platform Ad Intelligence Capabilities

New York, October 11, 2016: Kantar Media, the global leader in media intelligence, today announced the introduction of the next generation of its cross-platform ad intelligence capabilities, which includes significantly enhanced digital monitoring that supports the growing need for advertising buyers and sellers to analyze opportunities across channels in a more integrated and holistic manner.

The new capabilities, which provide data and insight into all key digital platforms for millions of brands, make Kantar Media the first industry source to provide competitive ad intelligence solutions for a comprehensive array of legacy and digital media channels.

“It is clear that advertising dollars are not only shifting to a variety of digital platforms, but that competitive ad intelligence now needs to be approached in a very holistic manner,” says Andy Brown, [pictured] Chairman and CEO, Kantar Media. “These enhanced capabilities signal that the industry can no longer look at ad activity in a specific channel as a silo, or even digital ad activity as a silo. It has to be analyzed in a cross-platform integrated manner, and now media buyers and sellers have the tools to do so". More...