In US, Maziar Motahari of Samba TV Joins I-COM Chief Analytics and Chief Data Officer Council

Maziar Motahari.jpg

I-COM is pleased to announce that Maziar Motahari [pictured], Vice President of Data Science & Analytics of Samba TV in the US, is joining the I-COM Chief Analytics and Chief Data Officer Council.

In his current role at Samba TV, Maz helps build the world's best and most diverse source of TV viewership data, enabling advertiser and TV networks  to measure the effectiveness of their TV commercials, increase audience reach, optimize exposure frequencies, and target people based on their TV viewership habits and history.

He has a wide range of experience solving big data problems in various industries including, TV data (Samba TV), social advertisement (Facebook), payments (PayPal), natural catastrophe risk management (RMS), and technical computing (MathWorks). More...