In US, Rick Watrall from Horizon Media Joins
I-COM Chief Data Officer Council

Rick Watrall.jpg

I-COM is pleased to announce that Rick Watrall [pictured], the Chief Analytics Officer of Horizon Media in US, is joining the I-COM Chief Data Officer Council.

Rick leads the agency’s advanced marketing analytics team to turn data into actionable information and insights that can both inform and support the agency’s recommendations to clients.

He is tasked with leading the agency’s data scientists in designing and recommending the appropriate analytical approach across various client and internal needs. Rick is additionally charged with building out a new analytics team that works to analyze and interpret data to seek causal relationships and provide value to Horizon and its vast client portfolio as it continues to expand.

Rick focuses on enhancing analytics solutions, inventing new avenues for data creation, transforming the agency’s proprietary data platforms and mining new sources and streams of data. He leads Horizon’s team of analysts, data scientists and statisticians to inform and support the agency’s strategy, channel planning and activation solutions. More...