In US, Ryan King of Samba TV Joins I-COM Incrementality Council


I-COM is pleased to announce that Ryan King [pictured], Managing Director, Innovation of Samba TV in the US, is joining the I-COM Incrementality Council.

With over 14 years of experience in marketing measurement, he has actively and successfully immersed himself in designing and developing cross-media advertising measurement tools to enhance marketing for clients across many industries.

Prior to Samba TV, Ryan was a Senior Account Manager at Factor TG covering all aspects of the research process from implementation to reporting, before becoming the Director of Market Research at InsightExpress, and later the Vice President of Ipsos ASI, managing product development for new advertising research tools and designing and managing digital and cross-media measurement products.

He is a recipient of the Great Minds: Rising Star Award from The Advertising Research Foundation (ARF) and holds a B.S. in Marketing from California State University Sacramento. More…