In US, Su Kelsay of Warner Bros. Joins I-COM Data Storytelling Council


I-COM is pleased to announce that Su Kelsay [pictured], VP, Consumer Intelligence, Audience and Campaign Operations of Warner Bros. in the US, is joining the I-COM Data Storytelling Council.

Su Kelsay serves as the VP, Consumer Intelligence for the Warner Bros. Data Intelligence Group where she is responsible for audience activation and campaign operations for the studio. In this role, she oversees adtech and martech operations, managing data partnerships, data collection, programmatic and addressable media buying, CRM, marketing analytics and measurement.

Prior to Warner Bros, she worked as a management consultant at McKinsey and Company where she served various Fortune 500 companies and led numerous client engagement teams in the areas of strategy, growth, and operations. She also spent years driving marketing strategy and operations in the banking industry at CapitalOne and at the startup incubator Idealab.

Su earned her Bachelor of Business Degree in Marketing and Communications from Emory University. Su has been a frequent speaker and panelist at a variety of adtech and marketing industry events and currently lives in Los Angeles, California. More…