In USA, Scott Hendrickson of Notion Joins I-COM Data Science Hackathon 2018 Board

Scott Hendrickson 2010.jpg

I-COM is pleased to announce that Scott Hendrickson [pictured], Director of Data Products at Notion in the USA, is joining the I-COM Data Science Hackathon 2018 Board.

Notion Inc., a leader in IoT for home environment awareness, partners with Insurers and home owners world wide delivering awareness solutions that avoid property loss and bring peace of mind.

Scott recently spent 6 years leading analytics at Twitter Data, working with partners and brands to discover marketing insights. Before joining Twitter, Scott worked with startups and established software companies building data analysis, machine learning, data visualization solutions and developing data strategy.

Dr. Hendrickson has a PhD in Physics from the University of Colorado, where he simulated beam particle-field interactions. More...