In US, John Gim of RAPP Joins I-COM Data Science Board

John Gim .jpg

I-COM is pleased to announce that John Gim [pictured], SVP, Advanced Analytic Solutions of RAPP in the US, is joining the I-COM Data Science Board. 

At RAPP, John is leading a diverse and seasoned team of data scientists who focus on creating efficient modeling suites that act as a backbone for complex targeting and as a driver of strategic insight.

Previously he has held lead roles at Epsilon and TBWA\Chiat\Day.

Over his career, John has produced measurably effective, award-winning work by leveraging a wide-ranging background across analytics, technology, and data. In addition to producing highly effective modeling solutions, John is able to leverage his experience across verticals and research sectors to bring solutions to market rapidly by iterating off of known best-practice or method.

John’s passion for data science is also evidenced in his active role in the local data science community as well as RAPP’s Global Consumer Trust council. More...