Industry leaders define value of multi-touch attribution

The white paper Business Case for Digital Attribution covers a number of key topics including the meaning of attribution and how it should be approached if it is to offer long term value. The paper also explores the need for organisational change if MTA is to be truly successful, whilst discussing perceived budgetary and cost issues in its use.

Amongst other findings the authors specifically concluded that proper attribution: Provides a better understanding of the customer journey.

  • Allows for live optimisation of campaigns and expenditure.

  • Gives a far more accurate insight into the performance of each media channel, strategy and creative.

  • Ultimately provides a higher return from digital media investment.

When compared to older bad attribution models the paper shows how MTA can add value and ultimately produce better digital data for the measurement of conversions within current and past campaigns. As explained in the paper this is the type of data that can significantly improve future spend, placement and creative.

Author: Steve Latham - Global Head of Analytics, Flashtalking, USA
Contributing author: Melissa Grady - Head of Media and Performance Marketing, Cadillac, USA

Download the white paper here: