Internet Advertising Bureau IAB Slovakia launches a tender for a new implementation provider of research in AIMmonitor traffic

Marek Jakubovie

Marek Jakubovie

Bratislava, 11 December 2017 - The biggest Slovak digital association IAB Slovakia officially announces the tender for a new implementation provider of research in online media traffic as well as in social and demographic profiles of visitors for the upcoming three-year period.

AIMmonitor research has been run on the Slovak Internet market since 2007. It is currently carried out by the research agency Gemius Slovakia. IAB Slovakia is the sponsor of the research.

AIMmonitor includes 100 domains from 46 operators and there is a continuous interest of media to participate in it. Average reported online inventory for the whole AIMmonitor represents 1.7 billion of page views per month.

A part of the measured traffic data is publicly accessible for all market entities by means of the OLA application on Social and demographic data are available for contracted customers – agencies which use these data in planning and purchasing online advertising space and to member media engaged in measuring. Data on media traffic are available for desktop, phone and tablet platforms and also cumulatively for all platforms as an indicator “total”, and in addition to the standard metrics, they provide the data on real users (RU)  – i.e. real people who are not identical with the cookies.

Research methodology is based on three parts: the site-centric method of data collection by means of measuring scripts on the media side; the online panel of users which is obtained by emitting pop-up questionnaires on media websites; and the external structural study which provides the figures on the Internet population in Slovakia, as well as the population characteristics. More about AIMmonitor.

Marek Jakubovie [pictured], a chairman of the Methodical Committee: “Our association launched its last tender in 2011, which is the reason why we decided to examine in detail the new developed possibilities of research agencies in the area of traffic measuring and, where appropriate, the consumption of online media across all platforms, including the delivery of social and demographic data. Indeed, it is in our interest to keep continuity of presented data by means of currently available metrics, which, however, does not exclude the change in data processing methodology, should it lead to the results which will reflect current market requirements in the area of quality and granularity of delivered data, analytics and, in particular, the effective planning of Internet advertising.” More...