Introducing Data Master: Great data, easier than ever

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January 30, 2019 - mParticle: Great customer experiences begin with great customer data, yet getting your data to a clean, hygienic state is often easier said than done. Personalization strategies based on unreliable data can lead to wasted marketing spend, irrelevant offers, misguided product investments, and organizational misalignment. The challenge is that, more often than not, you only realize your data is unreliable after you’ve experienced the consequences.

Maintaining a comprehensive and accurate source of customer truth is riddled with challenges, especially when dealing with thousands of events, hundreds of systems, and numerous teams. The main challenges that organizations run into with respect to their customer data:
- Data instrumentation is complex
- Tagging is prone to human error and usually doesn’t scale
- Debugging is frustrating and time-consuming for engineers . More...