IPG acquires Acxiom Marketing Solutions for US$2.3 billion

IPG Acxiom.png

July 3, 2018 - Faaez Samadi of CampaignAsia writes: Interpublic Group today announced its takeover of global data marketing firm Acxiom Marketing Solutions for US$2.3 billion. 

The acquisition brings Acxiom’s data capabilities into IPG’s creative, marketing and media portfolio. Acxiom has 2,100 employees worldwide, including 1,600 data specialists that handle a wide range of services including data management, strategy, analytics and its audience creation and modelling tools. 

“In a world where everything is becoming data-driven, Acxiom Marketing Solutions offers the deepest set of capabilities for helping companies navigate the complexity of creating personalized brand experiences across every consumer touchpoint,” said Michael Roth, IPG’s chairman and CEO. 

The deal does not include Acxiom’s LiveRamp business. More...