ISBA & Ebiquity whitepaper: Cutting through the clutter, making sense of the hype

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February 18, 2019 - Ebiquity have contributed to a recent ISBA whitepaper: Cutting through the clutter, making sense of the hype. Demystifying the role of attribution in the context of overall marketing effectiveness.

While the digital revolution has led to an explosion of data and metrics right across brands’ ever-more complex customer journeys. ISBA and Ebiquity have tried to make sense of the hype.

On the one hand, it has never been harder to cut through the clutter of all this data to detect the signal from the noise; to separate the genuine levers of growth from data dead ends. Yet on the other hand, it has never been more possible to build meaningful, rigorous, cause-and-effect models that isolate what’s working, what’s not and why.

In the report, Ebiquity and ISBA have concluded that we needed to demystify the roles of analytics and marketing effectiveness and the resulting white paper concludes that:
• While attractive, digital attribution is not a panacea, but an important component of marketing effectiveness
• We need to establish clearer standards and consistency around what can be very diverse solutions from the supply chain. More...