ISDI supports the I-COM Data Startup Challenge 2019

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I-COM is delighted to welcome ISDI as one of the I-COM Data Startup Challenge 2019 Innovation Partners.

ISDI is a world leader in digital education that helps professionals, entrepreneurs, businesses and institutions to bridge the competitive gap the digital era has created.

ISDI is an institution created by leading Internet professionals who have a collective goal of driving change towards a new economic model that is both competitive and efficient, and maximizes the overall potential of people, businesses and markets.

What makes them different?

ISDI offer their students a unique methodology, which is implemented directly by professionals who are leaders in their respective fields.

Their disruptive and holistic approach ensures a comprehensive vision of digital business, taught through cutting-edge and well-organized course content. Moreover, this practical approach allows students to apply their skills directly to real-life businesses, preparing them for immediate employment upon graduation.

ISDI faculty is made up of leading experts active in leading digital business companies. Their continued commitment to providing job exchanges for digital professionals, support for entrepreneurship, and network development allows ISDI to continue working towards their mission: contributing to the digitalization of society as a whole.