Kantar Forecasts $6 Billion in Political Ad Spending for 2019-2020 Election Cycle

Kantar Media Forecast 6B election cycle.png

New York, NY, June 27, 2019—The 2019-2020 federal election cycleis forecasted to generate $6 billion in political advertising, according to a study by Kantar.

Kantar projects a significant increase in digital ad spending in 2020, with the channel receiving 20 percent of total political ad spend, or $1.2 billion. Kantar’s estimates include spend only on ads sponsored by federal candidates or campaigns, and not by PACs.

The company says broadcast and cable television political ad spending will remain strong, with broadcast attracting $3.2 billion and cable attracting $1.2 billion. Radio ad spending is expected to total $400 million.

“Overall, an extended Democratic primary fight would likely be a short term, second quarter 2020 sugar high,” said Steve Passwaiter, General Manager for the CMAG service at Kantar’s Media division. “In fact, a long primary and a Democratic convention fight would most likely reduce total campaign spending as it would reduce the amount of time the eventual Democratic nominee would have to raise and spend money for the general election.” More...