Keep Tabs on Your Competitor’s Global Activities with Numerator and Ebiquity

Dennis Moore, Morag Blazey

Dennis Moore, Morag Blazey

November 5, 2018 - CHICAGO--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Numerator, the leading marketing intelligence firm that brings together omnichannel marketing, merchandising and sales data to make pursuing new possibilities simple for brand, retail and agency clients, has partnered with Ebiquity, a leading independent marketing and media consultancy firm. This partnership makes Numerator’s North American ad intelligence and Ebiquity’s international ad intelligence available to each company’s customers, all available on a single, co-branded platform.

This partnership allows clients of both Numerator and Ebiquity to expand the scope of their monitoring to include creative messaging and media data from over 80+ countries. Know the moment new ads break around the globe with 24/7 access to an Ad Intelligence platform independent of time zones and business hours. Keeping tabs on your competitor’s global media and messaging activities has never been easier.

“Numerator is dedicated to providing our customers with the link between what people buy, and the reasons and influences behind their purchases,” said Dennis Moore, CEO of Numerator. “Expanding the scope of our creative monitoring provides more insights into the advertising exposures shopper encounter that could be casually influencing or directly impacting their purchasing behavior.”

“Ebiquity has worked with Numerator for over 16 years, supporting the global ad tracking requirements of U.S.-based businesses. We are really pleased to have formalised that relationship through sharing data and our platform, delivering innovative solutions to meet increasingly complex customer needs,” said Morag Blazey, Managing Principal, Ebiquity Intel. “Numerator is a forward thinking, technologically advanced business; bringing our services together will deliver huge benefits to the advertiser and agency communities. It is a pleasure to work with them.“ More...