Know Your Enemy: How to Hack it as a Fraudster

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November 10, 2017 - Posted at Annalect: On February 15, 1995, arguably the most notorious and first hacker cover boy, Kevin Mitnick, was apprehended in Raleigh, NC. Charged with crimes ranging from wire fraud to unauthorized access to a federal computer, there was a distinct possibility that he would spend the rest of his life in jail.

So, what made Mitnick’s approach to hacking, so unique and prolific? He consistently exploited weaknesses in a company’s technology, similar to other hackers, but more effectively, he used social engineering to gain access to practically any system he wanted. Essentially, he capitalized off of human error.

He would end up only serving five years of his sentence, due mostly to the fact that he never gained anything, money or influence, through his series of hacks. However, after his time in jail, he would go on to form a computer security company — because who best to help companies overcome the serious threat of hackers — than a former hacker himself. More...