Long Superior For ROI, Promotions Now Trails Media In Efficiency


New York, Nov 14, 2018 – While for many years promotional activities had in general a higher ROI than advertising, that reality has significantly reversed, with media today some 35% more efficient on average.

What are the factors that have driven this change and what can marketers do to ensure that their promotions spend is being maximized?

Analytic Partners, the global leader in marketing analytics, has released “ROI Genome Report: Have Promotions Lost Their Punch?”, the latest in a series of reports based on the learnings of the company’s ROI Genome – the goal of which is to create marketing wisdom from accumulated numbers and knowledge.

ROI Genome Report: Have Promotions Lost Their Punch? investigates how the effectiveness for advertising and promotions have changed over time and outlines how marketers can ensure that the two work together for the best results.

The report outlines the two main issues impacting promotions ROI today – consumers being oversaturated with deals and the role of technology making pricing more transparent to them – and provides four key principles for optimizing spend moving forward.

Key topics within the report include:

  • Promotions vs Advertising – When is Each Appropriate?

  • Global Efficiency Trends for Promotions and Advertising

  • Promotional Spend vs ROI

  • Promotional Frequency vs ROI

  • Media Spend’s Effects on Promotional ROI

  • Advertising vs Promotions – 4 Principles to Consider