M6 Publicité joins forces with HOLIMETRIX to launch advertiser program “Step by M6: TV to Web”

Paris, 2017-05-31

M6 Publicité in partnership with Holimetrix, a pioneer and leader in the drive to web efficiency, have launched program “Step by M6: TV to Web”.

This tailor-made performance enhancement program is dedicated to e-Commerce-Players and advertisers interested in TV Drive to Web. The program enables the market to efficiently manage invest into TV campaigns and main digital KPIs. The program will be actively supported by a dedicated competence centre (including media experts, data scientists and campaign managers).

This program reinforces the solutions (by M6 Publicité) already provided to the market such as “Connected Shoppers” which is the first TV behavioral targeting planning solution dedicated to drive to web. “Connected Shoppers” is available on all booking systems since November 2016.
M6 expressively underlines its expertise “Drive-to-Web” as the preferred TV-channel in e-market. 

More than 740,000 sites were analyzed (Source: Holimetrix). M6 and Power TNT (W9 + 6ter) display higher GRP yields in terms of direct traffic generation on advertiser’s websites.

By utilising Holimetrix’ GRP based software solution, M6 is empowered to generate additional 13% in direct visits compared to other established networks. Plus an extra 4% raise in direct visits per GRP within “Power TNT” compared to other TNT networks. Download Full Press Release