Marketers: Automation Is Turning Humans Off

Marketers- Automation Is Turning Humans Off.jpg

October 19, 2018 - Joe Mandese of MediaPost writes: As the marketing world begins accelerating development of a new generation of automation, machine learning and AI designed to make their interactions with consumers more seamless and frictionless, a new study indicates the “pendulum” may already have swung too far.

The study, commissioned by marketing webinar platform ON24 and conducted by Harvard Business Review’s Analytic Services, finds that most marketers already believe their push to automate customer experiences is turning consumers off.

“As more marketing gets automated and impersonal, marketers need to ensure that customers don’t just feel like a number,” asserts ON24 CMO Joe Hyland, adding that the report, “Scaling Human Interaction in Customer Experiences,” reveals a fundamental paradox for world of marketing technology: to find “balance between human engagement and growth and invest in digital experiences that help scale one-to-one marketing.” More...