MarTech Interview on Data and Analytics with Howard Luks of Eyeota

Howard Luks

Howard Luks

June 12, 2019 - “The convergence of desktop, mobile and geolocation data has allowed retailers to take inputs of online purchase behavior, mobile movement and in-store purchases to get smarter about how they market to consumers.”

Big Data – a huge volume of information flowing from different points in a steady stream – has the possibility of transforming the way businesses compete. In a survey conducted by Syncsort only nine percent of participants called their organization “very effective” at getting value from data. However, it is touted that the Big Data market is expected to grow by 20% in 2019. In this MarTech Interview, the Senior Vice President, Data Products and Partnerships of Eyeota, Howard Luks [pictured], shares his expert insights on the growing importance of big data and analytics in digital marketing. He says that for consumer facing companies or B2B marketers, leveraging analytics has a positive impact on return on investment (ROI).

As an audience technology platform, Eyeota shares insights with marketers to help drive purchase decisions. Howard recommends that brands test multiple audiences and conversion funnels (with test and control groups) to understand how their digital audience behaves. In this exclusive interview with MarTech Advisor, Howard shares tips on how to connect the dots to better understand and serve a prospect’s buyer journey.

Howard answers questions on:
- How to foster data and analytics to gain consumer insights
- Which factors influence consumer behavior in an omni-channel setup
- How to ensure maximum transparency in audience data collected programmatically

Key takeaways from this interview on data and analytics:
- Find out how to best align third-party data with analytics
- Learn how to offer customization without compromising customer privacy
- Gain insights into the trends in data and analytics for 2020

Here’s what Howard shared on how insights gained from audience data can help marketers in the long run:

Data intelligence is a key component of Eyeota's audience technology platform. How do you foster this environment to gain consumer insights?

We help clients gain insights and understanding of their audiences through things like:

Overlap reports: An analytical methodology that compares audience segments at the cookie level to identify adjacent, similar audiences (look-alikes) or net new users outside of an audience segment (reach expansion).
Data enrichment: Adding additional attributes to existing user profiles for more robust audiences. More...