Médiamétrie publishes “Internet Global” the first results of the new Total Internet Audience reference measurement based on a single panel


31/01/2018 - While daily connections on mobile now exceed that on computers, the new Total Internet Audience measurement is evolving and becoming richer in order to offer its subscribers even more reliable results.

Previously based on the merger of 3 panels (computer, mobile, tablet), the measurement is now based on a unique single-source metered panel of more than 30,000 individuals aged 2 years and over. It includes more than 4,000 online users equipped with two or three devices (computer and/or mobile and/or tablet), which enables the total audience to be measured ‘natively’. This total measurement also provides detailed audience results for each screen: computer, mobile and tablet.

The measurement also benefits from innovative hybridization methodologies combining people-based panels and site census data collected by Médiamétrie.

Total Internet Audience measurement takes account of online user surfing, across all locations, connections methods (3G/4G/Wi-Fi) or protocols (http/https) for all sites and apps.

With this new reference measurement, Médiamétrie publishes the audiences and the time spent on more than 5,000 brands and 600 apps for its clients in a unique interface. Currently undergoing an audit by the CESP (Centre d’Etude des Supports de Publicité), the new measurement allows the market’s stakeholders – publishers, media, agencies and advertisers – to coordinate their multi-screen editorial and advertising strategies. More...