Measure the quality of your campaign impressions


December 4, 2018 - Patrick Cording of AudienceProject writes: With the introduction of a new Quality feature in AudienceReport, we give you the opportunity to measure the quality of campaign impressions and optimize your campaigns towards the media delivering the most valuable impressions

When measuring your campaigns in AudienceReport, you get to know what kind of audience is being exposed to your campaigns, and which media are most effective at reaching the target group you have defined. This is crucial to be able to optimize your campaigns towards your intended audience and improve the performance of your campaigns.

However, a successful campaign execution is not only defined by how many of your campaign impressions are reaching your defined target group. This is also defined by where your campaign traffic comes from and how many that actually see your campaign. Because of this, we have introduced a new Quality feature in AudienceReport documenting the quality of your campaign impressions.

Three quality metrics introduced

With the new Quality feature, we introduce three independent and actionable quality metrics, which together constitute an overall quality score for your campaign and define how many of your campaign impressions are considered to be of high quality and low quality. More...