Meeting the industry’s major challenges with digital processes

Oliver Klewe

Oliver Klewe

Düsseldorf, Hannover / Germany June 19, 2019 - Digitalization proved to be a central topic at this year’s Ligna trade fair. Henkel is convinced that digitalization must be an essential element in the woodworking industry’s approach to meeting the major challenges ahead – from increasing individualization requirements to ensuring quality and efficiency while reducing delivery times. To seize its full potential, digitalization must entail a process that brings all members of the supply chain closer together. With its leading market role as an adhesive supplier and its production process and application know-how, Henkel aims to support its customers in their digitalization journey.

“Over the past years, our customers in the wood and furniture industry have pursued an extensive optimization process, especially when it comes to their internal operations,” explains Oliver Klewe, Business Development Manager for Furniture and Building Components at Henkel. “To successfully master the challenges ahead, however, and continue this optimization, the necessary next step is to link the entire supply chain closer together. Discussions with our customers at Ligna made it unmistakable: digitalization will be key in this.”

The quadruple challenge: individualization, reliably high quality, cost efficiency and short delivery times

Individualization of furniture is one of the leading trends driving the need for efficient production of small batch sizes – down to batch size one. Consumers today want to be able to choose from a nearly endless combination of surfaces, structures and materials, door and drawer types, adapting a kitchen, for example, to their specific personal tastes. “At the same time, there’s no room for compromise on quality, and pressure to keep prices competitive is increasing as well,” says Klewe. “A further consumer trend is intensifying the challenge: In the age of same-day delivery in online shopping, customers are not willing to accept long lead times. For many, having to wait several weeks or even months for a new kitchen cabinet is a deal breaker.” More...