Merkle Launches Data-Driven Planning Solution

Alice Hatch

Alice Hatch

August 1, 2019 - Posted at MrWeb News Online: In the UK, data-driven performance marketing agency Merkle has launched a tool called Pando Planning, which it says places connected customer data at the heart of every planning decision.

Pando helps brands produce media strategies informed by first-party data insights, enabling them to reach audiences where they actually consume media. Each data source is unique to the client and consists of the brand's owned first-party customer data, bolstered with insights from Merkle's proprietary consumer identity and insight data solution DataSource.

According to Merkle, the breadth of data that can be integrated into the methodology also eliminates the need for siloes, helping clients move away from single channel activations towards delivering personal, omnichannel experiences.

Merkle EMEA VP Strategy and Planning Alice Hatch [pictured] says the new methodology 'enables multi-disciplinary planning teams to work from a unified data source for even the most granular of planning and buying decisions'. She adds: 'By eliminating the existence of data siloes, clients are better placed to add value for consumers no matter where they appear in the marketing ecosystem'. More...