Microsoft Debuts Machine Learning To Optimize Content, Ads, Ecommerce

November 11, 2016 - Laurie Sullivan, editor for MediaPost, writes: Microsoft Research has been working on building technology that analyzes site visitor's behaviors to optimizes content, pricing and ad serving in real-time. It learns from the actions that visitors take on the Web site to personalize recommendations and news.

The technology will change the way advertisers and publishers think about optimization.

The platform, Decision Service, uses machine learning to make choices on the content to serve in real-time by quickly integrating and processing new data from clicks and views. It optimizes based on the end metric marketers preset in the system, such as increasing click-through rates or purchases, rather than accuracy or precision recall.

LiHong Li, senior researcher at Microsoft Research, and Gal Oshri, program manager at Microsoft Research, speaking at the Bing Ads Next event in Redmond, Washington walked through how the platform works. More...