Mindshare Launches Voice and Visual Consultancy

Jim Cridlin

Jim Cridlin

London 8th October 2018: Mindshare, the global agency network that is part of WPP, is launching a new consultancy service focusing on voice and visual services.

The new suite of services, workshops and products is designed to help clients navigate the new wave of digital disruption that will be driven by audio and visual technologies.

Voice Services include:

  • Voice Immersion Workshop – Designed to educate about voice, determine if / where voice may be an opportunity and how to activate.

  • Mobile Consulting – Ensuring mobile sites are optimized for voice interaction.

  • Content Workshop – In partnership with Google and Amazon to understand best practices using Google Assistant and Amazon Echo for search and commerce along with approaches to activation (i.e. SEO)

  • Voice SEO – A dedicated programme and approach to ensure client content is in the right places on key voice platforms (for both search and commerce).

Visual Services include:

  • Visual Search Immersion Workshop - Designed to educate about Visual Search, determine if / where visual search may be an opportunity and how to activate.

  • Visual SEO – A dedicated programme and approach to optimising all digital visual content for discovery, including guidelines for developing SEO friendly digital visual content

  • Visual Strategic Consulting – Strategic planning for image based platforms like Pinterest including content planning, targeting and inventory strategy.

Jim Cridlin [pictured], Global Head of Innovation at Mindshare Worldwide, said: ‘We are entering the ‘Age of Assistance’ where we are moving from a world of keyboards and screens to one that’s more ‘invisible” where we have audio and visual control. It will all be underpinned by machine learning and AI and in this world we will outsource many decisions to algorithms that act on our behalf and which are marketed to by brand algorithms. We have created this consultancy service to help our clients take advantage of this new wave of digital disruption.’ More...