‘More accountability’: Unilever creates its own network for trusted publishers

Luis Di Como

Luis Di Como

March 28, 2019 - Seb Joseph of Digiday writes: Unilever is laying down the law with publishers, creating a new set of guidelines they must adhere to before it buys ads from them.

The advertiser is rolling out what it calls the Trusted Publishers network of global, regional and local online publishers and platforms it will prioritize spend through its trading desk. Publishers in the network must adhere to criteria set by Unilever’s media team led by svp of global media Luis Di Como [pictured].

“What we’re doing is about giving Unilever an extra level of control to secure more accountability,” said Di Como.

He declined to detail what the full spectrum of those tiers but outlined the basics: The first tier will focus on guarantees the publishers can offer around viewability, brand safety and ad fraud. Unilever only buys display ads that are 100 percent in view for at least one second, for example; the second batch of guarantees focuses on information publishers are willing to share around metrics such as dwell time and pageviews; while the final criterion centers on campaign data that Unilever wants from publishers to better gauge the effectiveness of ads. More...