mParticle Releases its next-generation Audience Builder

Michael Katz

Michael Katz

NEW YORK, February 20, 2019mParticle, the leading customer data platform (CDP) for multi-channel brands, today announced two key upgrades to its AudienceSync capabilities.

  • Lifetime Audiences, which allows marketers to build audiences with an unlimited look back window, helps drive seasonal promotions and maintain a long-term dialogue with customers. The previous capacity was a 90-day lookback, which limited the duration of the relationship with customers. Learn more about Lifetime Audiences.

  • User Attribute Forwarding provides marketers with the ability to send additional context with audiences that they connect to various marketing partners, rather than just audience lists themselves. Learn more about User Attribute Forwarding.

“When we launched our original audience system back in 2015, we knew that it would become a critical path to empowering brands to do more with their data,” said Michael Katz [pictured], CEO & Co-founder, mParticle. “Now in 2019, what was once innovative is now the status quo and this announcement is about continuing to push the envelope with what’s possible regarding audience segmentation and activation.” More...