mParticle releases next-generation customer data unification and orchestration capabilities


Latest launch introduces new APIs and platform features to improve data accuracy and control.

NEW YORK, July 17, 2019mParticle, the Customer Data Platform (CDP) of choice for multi-channel consumer brands, today announced the launch of several features to extend its customers’ best-in-class data unification and orchestration capabilities. This includes a User Aliasing API to help customers better manage and merge customer profiles, self-hosting support to further improve the security and stability of mParticle’s Web Software Developer Kit (SDK), and an integration with Google Tag Manager (GTM) to help customers fire web tags and pixels.

As today’s leading brands increase their focus on delivering seamless, omnichannel customer experiences, mParticle is continuing to deliver innovative solutions that underpin world-class customer experiences. mParticle’s new capabilities and support, detailed below, are one step in a continual effort to ensure mParticle drives long-term growth for its customers.

Identity aliasing

Accuracy in unifying consumer data is a critical path for delivering intelligent customer experiences, and in today’s world, most 360-degree views of the customer are hardly complete. Before consumers register or transact on a website or mobile app — or if they’re simply logged out — they’re treated as an “anonymous user.” If that same user subsequently registers or logs in, whether they’re using the same device or not, an important decision must be made on how to treat that data. To address this, mParticle has launched an all-new User Aliasing API within its identity system known as IDSync. More...