MRC Issues Industry Call for Research on Duration Weighting In Cross-Media Video Measurement; Also Seeking Data on Impact of Move to 100% Pixels Viewability Criteria


New York, NY (March 20, 2018): The Media Rating Council (MRC) today issued a call for research and input on two critical components related to its development of standards for cross- media video measurement – duration weighting and a possible move to 100% pixels as a viewability criteria. The full outline of MRC’s data requests is available at

The Council has asked members of its Cross-Media Audience Measurement Standards Working Group, and is now extending this request to interested industry parties, to submit research to help inform the cross-media audience standards’ provisions for the use of duration weighting in cross- media video measurement, as well as to provide data to help more fully understand the impact in today’s environment of a move to requiring 100% of pixels as the threshold for viewability.

The concept of duration weighting for video ads was introduced in the Digital Audience-Based Measurement Standards, which MRC issued in December of 2017. At that time, the MRC noted that further research would be needed to determine how a duration weighted approach to audience metrics would be specifically applied, and this new call for research by MRC is intended to address that need. Specifically, MRC is posing questions such as whether different segments of a video ad may contribute differentially to the effectiveness of that ad; what role the presence of especially strong branding elements may play; and other questions that can shed new insight into determining what time-related elements can contribute to an effective exposure in the video ad environment. Download Full Press Release