MRC Proposes 100% Viewable Cross-Media Ad Standard, Defers Duration Weighting Until 2021

George Ivie

George Ivie

March 25, 2019 - Joe Mandese of MediaPost writes: In a move that is expected to make it easier for advertisers, agencies and their suppliers to measure, account for and compare video ads distributed across platforms from TV to smartphones, the Media Rating Council today released a draft of its cross-media audience measurement standards.

The draft, which will be open for public comment for 60 days before becoming finalized, punts an important and somewhat controversial aspect of the new standards -- duration weighting -- until 2021 to allow the industry time to adjust to the transition.

The draft also sets a new bar for so-called “viewability,” requiring that 100% of the the pixels need to be in view for a video ad to be credited, regardless of the platform it is distributed on.

Another significant development in the proposed standards is that they make 30 seconds the “denominator” for calculating the duration weighted viewable impressions when they become the standard in 2021.

While 30 seconds has long been the standard advertising unit for television, MRC President and Executive Director George Ivie [pictured] said the 30-second denominator wasn’t established for that reason explicitly, but because most of the systems the supply and demand sides use to process advertising buys currently use it as their standard duration. More...