Netflix Disputes Nielsen Ratings Data

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October 20, 2017 - Posted at MrWeb News Online: TV and movie streaming service Netflix has said Nielsen's new 'Subscription Video On Demand' (SVOD) content ratings' are 'not even close' to accurate, because they do not measure viewing on mobile devices. Nielsen says it is confident in the data it has.

Nielsen began tracking Netflix viewing in 2014, and earlier this week launched SVOD, offering enhancement of Nielsen's video on demand (VOD) Content Ratings framework, which uses demographics and household characteristic data from the firm's National TV Panel. The analysis of Netflix viewing only includes viewers who are using a television set, and does not count those watching shows on a laptop, tablet or smartphone. 

In a statement given to Variety magazine, a Netflix spokesperson said: 'Netflix is making no secret of its skepticism when it comes to Nielsen's latest attempt to capture its audience data. The data that Nielsen is reporting is not accurate, not even close, and does not reflect the viewing of these shows on Netflix'. More...