Neustar Selects Pathmatics as Strategic Data Partner

Gabe Gottlieb

Gabe Gottlieb

Dec 14, 2018 - We're excited to announce that we have joined forces with Neustar, the trusted, neutral provider of unified marketing intelligence, to augment their marketing mix modeling capabilities in digital.

Neustar will integrate Pathmatics ad intelligence data in order to help marketers better allocate their investments across social, video, display, mobile, and native advertising and gain deeper competitive intelligence insights using Pathmatics share of voice metrics.

"We give marketers and advertisers an extensive snapshot of the digital ad performance of their brands, competitors, and entire industries, Integral to this is trusted, transparent analytics. By partnering with Neustar, we’re enabling marketers leading the charge in their respective industries to better understand and predict exactly how their campaigns will perform.” - Gabe Gottlieb [pictured], Co-Founder and CEO of Pathmatics.

As marketing budgets increasingly shift to social media platforms and digital, more brands and agencies need to track share of voice (SOV), or a brand’s share of impressions and spend relative to their competitors in a given media category. More...