New Collaboration Between Deloitte France and Dataiku to Bring Companies Toward Enterprise Artificial Intelligence at Scale

Mathieu Colas

Mathieu Colas

NEW YORK--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Deloitte France has announced a new partnership with Dataiku, aiming at transforming the consulting field and solidifying the path to Enterprise AI for their clients.

Dataiku will initially be available to 150 French team members across different areas of consulting and auditing. Thanks to the collaborative nature of the tool, multi-disciplinary teams within Deloitte France will be able to work together using Dataiku to systematize the use of AI on client projects.

Deloitte France is already planning to expand on the use of Dataiku to other areas especially in the context of its dedicated investment program around Artificial Intelligence and its ambitious recruitment campaigns. Moreover, with Dataiku, Deloitte will be able to further increase its capabilities to create ad hoc, best-of-breed business solutions for its customers.

The implementation of Dataiku is a continuation of Deloitte France’s Intraprenariat program, which currently incubates more than 25 projects using dedicated seed funding. This French-led initiative will enrich Deloitte’s profile of more than 400 analytics and AI solutions that are co-developed with the tech ecosystem and its customers. These solutions allow Deloitte’s teams to see massive productivity gains and its clients to have access to solutions that have already faced the challenges of scaling up.

Dataiku is integrated with a sovereign cloud environment operated by Deloitte’s Digital Factory and leveraging OVH solutions. The Digital Factory’s teams now manage more than 1,800 containers in France and facilitate the scaling of AI solutions developed for Deloitte clients along with the network of technology partners. This environment also encourages the establishment of data enrichment partnerships between companies (where appropriate and in compliance with regulatory requirements).

“This partnership with Dataiku is part of Deloitte’s strategy to attract and retain the best data talents,” said Mathieu Colas [pictured], Deloitte Partner. “The multidisciplinary approaches that we’ve put in place to solve complex problems with the support of data and AI are valuable, and Dataiku systemizes them.” More...