New Location-Based Features Are In Store for Snapchat Advertisers With Physical Locations


December 13, 2018 - David Cohen of AdWeek writes: Snapchat has a holiday present for retailers in the form of new location advertising features on its platform.

“We have seen good performance with location targeting and filters, and the new releases are an added bonus for our retail clients as we always push publishers for more precise targeting based upon user behaviors,” said Jenny Lang, senior vice president and managing partner, integrated investment at UM Worldwide.

The messaging application’s new visitor re-engagement audiences option enables advertisers to retarget previous visitors to their stores and create lookalike audiences based on those visitors.

Advertisers can choose the frequency of visitors they wish to target and build dynamic custom audiences for future campaigns.

For example, a retailer can target anonymized Snapchat users who visited one of its stores twice over the past month, or a restaurant could do so with anonymized Snapchat users who ate in its location during the middle of the day over the past two weeks. More...