New Tools Offer Marketers Tighter Control for the Ethical Sourcing of Global Data


November 1, 2018 - Chad Engelgau, CMO and Head of Strategy at Acxiom, writes for MarTechSeries: The digital age has forced organizations to move at the speed of their always-on customers. The strongest marketing strategies transcend borders and underscore the need for marketers to not only acquire data quickly, but also ensure that all data is ethically sourced in compliance with every country-level requirement. According to the World Bank, the majority of global economic growth will be driven by emerging economies, and marketers need to be sure they have their sights set on operating within this border-less ecosystem.

Organized Data is the Best Data

Data sets are found in thousands of different formats and locations, and trying to locate and use data across borders can be an extremely complex task. Historically, marketers have had to search for them, wade through multiple data providers’ websites, sift through massive spreadsheets, and compare and contrast datasets across respective countries in order to align information. Language barriers and inconsistent terminology across cultures create an even more tedious process when trying to discern actionable insight from a dataset. However, today’s most progressive data partners have developed new technologies to house ethical data in one single source, empowering marketers to quickly access trusted data with just a few clicks of the button. More...