Nielsen: From Neuroscience To Behavioral Science

Nielsen- From Neuroscience To Behavioral Science.jpg

April 7, 2019 - Roger Dooley, Contributor at Forbes, writes: Nielsen [NLSN], the market research giant that has the world's largest consumer neuroscience, a.k.a. neuromarketing, unit, announced a new suite of behavioral science offerings. Nielsen will use its existing group of 20 Ph.D./M.D. neuroscientists to offer both training and consulting to help businesses apply behavioral science to branding and other goals.

That Nielsen would move in this direction may surprise some. Their consumer neuroscience services have focused on applying tools like EEG, biometrics and eye tracking to evaluate advertising, video content, packaging and other client needs.

On the other hand, this move is logical. For years, I've said that neuromarketing benefits from a broad definition and that the term shouldn't be restricted to the application of a few specific tools. Many of my speeches include a variation of this slide. More...