Prediction Series 2019: Interview with John Nardone, CEO, Flashtalking

John Nardone

John Nardone

February 13, 2019 - Sudipto Ghosh of MarTechSeries interviews John Nardone [pictured]:

Tell us about your role at Flashtalking and how did you start here.

Today, I’m CEO of Flashtalking, but I got into digital back in 1994, basically the earliest days in the industry. GM O’Connell, the Founder of Modem Media, which was the first-ever digital agency, recruited me out of Pepsi by convincing me that the story of advertising in the digital space was yet to be written. This was his pitch to me, “Help make the rules for a whole new part of the industry, remake the landscape.” This was exciting to me. He sold me on the idea that if I joined Modem, I could effectively become the next David Ogilvy for the digital age!

I saw GM at a holiday party in December, and his observation was that there is a vast opportunity opening up again, for voice to interface with ads, which can again open a whole new approach to creative. This really gets me excited. After I left Modem, I spent 11 years focused on the analytics side of our business. I came to Flashtalking in 2015 because I missed being involved with the creative. Now with Machine Learning-based creative analytics and voice activated ads becoming a reality, I think we are on the cusp of what will be revolutionary, and I’m really excited to explore where the path takes us in 2019.

What was the most impactful event in technology for you in 2018? How did the event/moment change the way you think about business?

For Flashtalking, the DoubleClick ID going away has been the most seismic change. We’ve long believed that there was an opportunity to bring the market better data than what DoubleClick was offering. We’ve been focused over the last few years on developing products, whether it’s fTrack or IDConnect, that build on the belief that advertisers should have better data and be able to make better use of that data, than what one could do with the DoubleClick platform. More...