RAPP - The Experience GAP: How to Compete in the Direct Business World

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Justin Thomas-Copeland, President RAPP New York, writes: Good customer experience and engagement makes for good business — not the most profound statement, I know. If you build strong relationships with your customers, it only makes sense that the likelihood of a competitor poaching them will decrease exponentially. They’re simply more attached to your brand and, dare we say it, more loyal.

But there appears to be quite a disconnect in what it takes to build this relationship. While 80% of CEOs feel their companies deliver great experiences, only 8% of customers tend to agree. If you want to engage that all-important target audience, you have to offer relevance, and this calls for a strategy of connected experiences, tailor-made for the individual.

The reason: Consumers now want to live your brand, not just “hear” about it. At every touchpoint along the path to purchase, you should be offering real value at the exact moment a potential customer needs it most — or, in other words, more than your standard email blast. Each interaction should somehow tie back to the previous one, driving engagement and making for a near-seamless journey.

As such, the C-suite is having to forget decades of marketing strategy in order to learn the approaches it takes today to build winning brands and a winning business. More...