Realeyes: AI-Powered Insights On How to Create The Perfect Christmas Ad

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November 6, 2018 - David Waterhouse of Realeyes writes: The John Lewis ad is almost here – and with it the official start of the Christmas period. Sure, it’s less than two months till Jesus’ birthday, but they do say it comes earlier every year.

Of course, it’s not too early for a lot of brands and agencies, who’ve probably spent most of the year with December 25 circled in their marketing calendars in marker pen. And they’ll be itching to know what the UK retail store has come up with this year.

Whether it’s lovelorn penguins or trampolining pooches, John Lewis commercials have become as much a part of the Yuletide tradition as watching It’s A Wonderful Life on the telly, eating too many mince pies and your gran falling asleep in front of the Queen after one too many sherries.

And we can’t wait. John Lewis’ ads Christmas ads have set the standard in festive advertising for years. But what makes its ads stand out from the rest? What’s the difference between a Christmas cracker and a turkey? Well, we thought we would look back at our database to come up with some insights on how to add some Xmas sparkle to your ads. More...