Realeyes - Christmas 2017: The Top 10

Realeyes ChristmasList.jpg

November 15, 2017 - Colin Pye, Creative Director at Realeyes, writes: It's that time of the year when retailers battle it out for the best Christmas advert of the season. We partnered with audience platform Lucid to test the emotional reactions of over 3,300 people in the UK, watching 55 videos during a week, mid November 2017.

These rankings are based on individual adverts’ EmotionAll® scores – a 1 to 10 performance score which compares videos’ emotional performance across our entire database of over 10,000 previously-tested videos. This EmotionAll® score can be segmented by age, gender or other metrics such as income. More...


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When it comes to winning over consumers in this year’s battle of the Christmas ads, with a study that measured viewers’ emotions by tracking their facial expressions as they watched a selection of 55 videos, we've identified several findings that have enabled some brands to come out on top. More...